Monday, November 5, 2012

Ancient Scroll Necklace Finished !!!

Happy to report the winning bid for this necklace at the UpRising Yoga Fund Raiser November 10, 2012 was $115.00


Finished today!  

This was quite a project for me.  My PMC skills are definitely being improved upon and then I soldered the sterling silver jump rings closed and oxidized the silver to match the bead more completely.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  The entire necklace is about 22" long and the diameter of the bead and silver is approx 2" across.
I also received my new lap grinder so I was able to grind off the back half of the bead in order to make a cabochon to set into the hand carved .999 Fine Silver Bezel and Setting.

Now, I go improve.
Wiping sweat off my brow...

This piece has been donated to UpRising Yoga for the silent auction next Saturday evening, 
November 10.  


  1. What a gorgeous piece. You are definitely an artist!

  2. Thank you Ali - so good to see you this morning...

  3. It looks just wonderful!


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