Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the Garden - 18" "Yogi Wrap" Lampwork Bead Necklace

This "Yogi Wrap" Necklace is 18" long and has a matching lampwork, handmade, fine stringer work, button closure.  It fits comfortably in your throat chokra with it's unique, irresistible, double ringed eye in the middle of the bead on both sides.

The glass reaction on both the button closure and the Lentil Shaped Focal Bead (1.25") is beautiful.  The green/yellow glass reacts with the deep navy in the glass stringer work and forms a tiny silver outer line within the navy colored space.  Mega WOW factor.

The necklace is strung on natural leather cording which gives it a very bohemian flavor.  I love it!

The purple flower murrini on both sides is handmade cane murrini made by me as well.  It is a simple yet elegant necklace that can be worn easily daily.

I hope you enjoy.  This necklace is a "killer" signature piece.  A must have one-of-a-kind.



  1. Such a beautiful necklace - I love the "eco" colours :)



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