Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helping Out Corina

I've had the opportunity to help out a friend and fellow bead maker over the last couple of weeks.  Corina Tettinger, has a new line of tools for glass bead artists.  The response has been incredible.  I offered to help her shipping orders and have learned so much that will help me in my own bead business.  I had never received an order via PayPal or shipped an order using their shipping labels.  I had never packed a bead for shipping or spoken with customers whose order, for one reason or another, wasn't received.

I have customer service experience through the many years I worked in Information Technology.  So, okay, I can talk to customers and troubleshoot issues and problem solve.  I've worked part time at Chico's in years gone by, so have a bit of experience in retail.  The internet offers a world of opportunity but my experience using this tool was nil.

Since I began helping Corina, I sold my first set of beads on Etsy and was able to fulfill the order in PayPal, pack and ship the beads to my customer without so much as a "bead" of sweat on my brow.  All this to say, help a friend, help yourself.   Keep your motives straight and the Universe will open up to you.

Reconnecting with old friends brings healing.  Thank you FaceBook.  Thank you for bringing old friends , like Tracy and Daniel Amstutz (the Fine Arts Minister and my boss when I was in the ministry in Tulsa) back into my life.  Daniel was willing to pray for my new business to succeed bringing about new opporunities for me.  It has worked and this is a reminder that God is in charge and generous with his kids.

Today - I am grateful, (even though my cable TV went out last night.)  Smile.

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