Friday, April 30, 2010

Earth Bird

Well, this little bird didn't make it through the annealing process in the kiln. As I hold my breath each day removing the day before beads from my kiln, I hope with all my heart they will emerge as perfect little works of art glass. This one was perfect until after I removed the bead release and held it in my hands admiring the depth I was finally able to improve upon. I heard this little "tingle-crack" and my heart sank. Yes - as I delicately searched for the mishap - there it was - all down the side of the bead. What breaks my heart is when this happens - I can't even send it to the Beads of Courage kids. So, back to the torch today in search of my most perfect - to date - art glass bead. Better luck tomorrow! Can't lose faith just over a little crack in perfection - don't you agree?

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