Monday, January 25, 2010


Yes - I'm a little bit in limbo now. I plugged the heat in last night and it flipped the temporary wiring. So until Dave can get back here I'm in my original extension cord mode. ah well. soon.

Also, I've never used a kiln before so the directions to my new AIM kiln are like reading Chinese. PJ - from the bead club "Fire and Rain" has offered to help me out figuring out how to program and digital controller. I don't know the temperatures, soak time stuff - it's like a little unreachable country to me right now. But, all that will comes as time moves on.

In the meantime - I'm itching to make beads and get them out there for all to enjoy.

Went on a cleaning spree this morning and now - I'll be out looking for a new stool for the workbench (adjustable) and a couple more flourescents for the perfect lighting. So, until tomorrow - have a great day and enjoy every minute of it.


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